Singapore National Mulls Over Ban on Remote Gambling

Singapore National Mulls Over Ban on Remote Gambling

Singapore’s government loves many things that are western on line gambling may not be one of them, though.

Just like numerous countries are going towards online gambling lured by numbers with lots of zeros and some ideas of economic development Singapore’s government is considering a move around in the opposite direction, weighing up the chance of a block on remote gambling in the nation that is asian.

No Access

In order to block residents from gambling online, the federal government is considering preventing use of online gambling websites, taking away the capability to make repayments to remote gambling operators, and banning the promotion of on the web gambling in ads throughout the country.

The federal government’s potential measures had been established at a recent symposium on casino regulation and criminal activity by the country’s Second Minister for Home Affairs, S. Iswaran, who explained that the risks that surround remote gambling have grown along with the appeal regarding the pastime itself in Singapore.

‘While such measures might not be foolproof, they’ll impede access to remote gambling platforms and send a clear signal associated with the stance that is regulatory Singapore,’ claimed Iswaran. ‘Remote gambling offers us cause for concern [because] it is ubiquitously and easy to get at through the world wide web and mobile applications, particularly by way of a younger and more tech-savvy generation.’

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Twas the Night of the Living Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Is a Good Bet

Twas the Night of the Living Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Is a Good Bet

Might the Zombie Apocalypse arrive on Xmas Day? You’ll bet on it! (Image:

Every year punters spot bets on whether or not they’ll wake up up to a snowy blanket across their streets on Christmas morning. It is the old romantic in each of us that longs for this backdrop that is scenic a joyous day, surrounded by our loved ones and overeating with all the current Christmas trimmings, cannibalizing and distributing our infectious zombie disease. Wait. What?

Betting on Zombies

Though some are wagering for a Christmas that is white bookmaking giant Ladbrokes is offering odds of 2000/1 on this Christmas being the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. That is a nice, festive thought to have, and beats the chances they provide for football team Crystal Palace winning the Premier League in 2010 at 5000/1. Speak about harmful gambling.

‘Our company is quite confident that the odds of the Zombie Apocalypse at 2000/1 are correct, and although the public should exert caution throughout the Christmas period, they need to not be unduly concerned about the undead rising up to attack and consume the living,’ announced Alex Donohue, a spokesman for the Ladbrokes bookmaker.

Chances on a Christmas that is white currently at 5/1, which really is a much better chance than those offered on the doomsday coming regarding the undead, and you are more likely in order to claim your winnings after a little bit of snow Continue reading “Twas the Night of the Living Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Is a Good Bet”

National On Line Gambling Bills Introduced to Congress

National On Line Gambling Bills Introduced to Congress

Just one more bill is introduced to Congress regarding online gaming; but can it pass?

We have talked a lot about how America is likely to be waiting for some time before they have any federal action on online gambling regulation. That is still likely true, but it’s not because of an absence of bills that could do the work.

Bills, Bills, Bills

The other day, Representative Jim McDermott (D-Washington) introduced a bill that will once again manage on the web gambling at the federal level, splitting tax profits between the states that players live in additionally the government. That bill joins two more introduced earlier in the day this year by Representatives Peter King (R-New York) and Joe Barton (R-Texas), all of which are variations in the same theme: federal oversight and legislation of at least some forms of online gambling.

McDermott’s bill is suitable for King’s effort. The McDermott bill would enforce just how the taxation distribution from online gambling would work, with 12 cents of each and every dollar deposited apparently being collected by governments at various levels. Two-thirds of this money would head to the state or tribe where in actuality the gambler is playing, while the other third would go to the government.

The bill is more comprehensive than the Barton bill, which would only apply to internet poker. States will be able to choose in or out from the federal online poker plan under their bil Continue reading “National On Line Gambling Bills Introduced to Congress”

Macau Gaming Licenses Still Frozen, But Citizens Get Money for Nothing

Macau Gaming Licenses Still Frozen, But Citizens Get Money for Nothing

Macau’s leader Fernando Chui had good news/bad news in his end-of-year target to the region (Image:

Require a Macau casino license? Too bad and go on it off your holiday wish list; the country’s primary executive has made it very clear that no new ones will be forthcoming anytime soon.

Fernando Chui Macau’s chief executive told the 2014 assembly that is legislative his annual presentation that nothing will be changing vis-a-vis the special administrative region’s certification for video gaming establishments; the current setup of three concessions and three sub-concessions will stay as is, the in an identical way it has considering that the area first opened up to foreign casino operators in 2003.

Read My Lips: No New Licenses

This despite the reality that do not only is video gaming doing business that is booming the Asian enclave, infrastructure improvements and massive capitalization are allowing for millions more mainland Chinese tourists to come over and lose their money. Where visa restrictions once limited the number of times a national that is chinese come over, no restrictions on numbers of visits exist anymore; or at the least, they truly are not enforced.

Likewise, although only two American casino organizations were designed to be allowed to build on Macau’s Cotai Strip 2 yrs ago, in reality, three are now into the works: Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts Continue reading “Macau Gaming Licenses Still Frozen, But Citizens Get Money for Nothing”