Come On! So What Does Intercourse Feel?

Come On! So What Does Intercourse Feel?

In several ways, asking just exactly what intercourse feels as though is asking exactly what life feels as though: they are simply extremely diverse and unique experiences.

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Interested asks:

I have never had sex before, and I want to really know what it is like from other people before I do. I do want to know very well what it feels as though.

Heather replies:

We have expected this question a whole lot.

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The difficulty is, there’s simply no real solution to offer you yet others the type of solution we suspect you are searching for. But we definitely can let you know why I can’t do this.

Sex — of any sort, whether we’re dealing with sexual intercourse, dental intercourse, handbook intercourse, masturbation, or just about any other intercourse — not just does not have the in an identical way for many individuals, it usually does not even have the same manner for just one person from day to time, partner to partner, or activity to task.

Oral sex tends to feel distinct from genital or rectal intercourse. Masturbation can tend to feel different than partnered sex, even if somebody does precisely what we do whenever we masturbate. Handbook intercourse with this specific partner can feel completely different from handbook intercourse with a partner that is different. One variety of intercourse, with one given partner, can feel different for people on Tuesday than it did on Friday, or various whenever we’re 18 than it will whenever we’re 45. Continue reading “Come On! So What Does Intercourse Feel?”