Finks lawyers fight to save gold coast chapter

Finks lawyers fight to save gold coast chapter

He lost $2 million on a $30-million bid to revive the gold mining industry in the region.

But as one of the lawyers who represented the B.C. government in his lawsuit, Greg Fink said he was disappointed with the outcome.

“I felt like the only thing you can hope for is that this outcome means that BC does not try to punish people in B.C. for engaging in fair and legal mining practices,” he said.

“The result was disappointing. In fact, I wanted to go after them and have them arrested because I felt like they had gone too far in their approach to us and to the public.

“I thought they had overstepped their bounds.”

“This isn’t a silver bullet because the fact is the BC government, in their legal and constitutional argument for how to handle people who have engaged in legitimate mining practices, has not applied the standards to my client.”

As a result, Fink said he’s likely to appeal any ruling that the federal court finds that the B.C. government has acted outside the law in a decision denying him his $2 million payout.

He was awarded $849,000 by Justice Alastair Thomson in a B.C. Supreme Court ruling last August, finding B.C. mining firms engaged in “unlawful activities” in a court action. Thomson ruled against Fink in May, but issued an interim order which still requires appeal.

Fink also says the ruling affects businesses he owns in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, where he also rjarvees.comuns his company.

‘The federal judge has a point’

Attorney General Terry Lake said the decision “will impact business opportunities for many B.C. businesses and we are very disappointed with today’s decision.”

But he denied Fink made a choic바카라e to “targets businesses because they have legitimate mining activities.”

“The federal judge has a point,” Lake said. “There are legitimate business opportunities and the government should not be targeting them because they’re engaging in legitimate mining practices.”

Fink said he’s hoping the court will find in his favor and that people like him who believe in doing business in BC should face prosecution.

“People like me should not be targeted, and if the law is consistent with the fact I chose to바카라 do business in B.C. rather than do it out of fear of being stopped by the RCMP, then so be i